Twegaite Community Development Blog
The Basoga Community of California is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization of the United States of America. Our primary objective is to reach out in a collaborative effort to promote community: economic, education, health and cultural development. 

The word Twegaite means “Let Us Unite”. This growing movement of unity and purpose convenes every year in the US to initiate and support various global community projects.
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Together, we can reach out and help one victim at a time...
We are building a cancer treatment center in Uganda to help save many lives. Register for the 2013 Los Angeles Convention and making a donation here

As a complimentary project to the existing  Hospice Jinja, the Cancer Treatment Center will aggressively fight cancer in Busoga by providing:  
(i) Preventive Awareness & Education 
(ii) Medical Treatment 
(iii) Support Cancer Research.
         Annual Convention Starts: May 23rd to 27th, 2013.

The Kingdom of Busoga, Friends, Partners and Family... 

Twegaite Community Development Blog

Synergy Partners to donate 3% sales proceeds to Cancer Project

by Admin on 05/08/13

Synergy Partners, a Uganda-based real estate developer, has committed to donate 3% of their total sales proceeds to Cancer Center Project at the Twegaite convention. Click here for Property prices @ Synergy.

Madhvani increases scholarships by UShs 350M.

by Admin on 05/05/13

"Ushs650 million will this year go as we mark 10 years since the fund was re-launched in 2003" Dr Jack Luyombya. Read more...

Ugandan Entrepreneurship spirit - STRONG

by Admin on 05/04/13

Great Job... Ugandan investors beat foreigners at job creation in 2012. Read more 

NRM disagrees with Speaker- Kadaga

by Admin on 05/03/13

What does a good neighbor do when a father expells his sons from the bus; are things falling apart? Read more...

Talk is Cheap

by Admin on 05/03/13

Bana, we as a nation have been talking for the longest time. But for Busoga to develop, "we the people" have to re-invent ourselves and determine what position Busoga region must take in the new global economic landscape rising from Busoga's rich intellectual and agrarian local base. 

2013 Convention Report 
Thank you, 
Mwebale Inho!
For your support, convention attendance & continued contributions towards building the Jinja Cancer Center.
Together we can!
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